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How foreigners can invest in Pakistan real estate

Foreign investment can seem like a challenge, specially when there is no end to start with which is why I have formulated this blog for everyone who finds themselves confused and wondering.

Can Foreigners Invest In Pakistan Property

The first question that arises in your mind must be regarding the law, whether or not Pakistan allows foreign investment. The answer is yes, allows foreign investment in real estate, however the process does not come without a few challenges and can quickly become overwhelming. Nevertheless, its entirely possible

Lets go through the step by step procedure towards investing your money in Pakistan Real Estate.

For this very purpose, Lahore Development Authority has established an ‘Overseas Pakistani Desk’ as part of its one window cell to facilitate expatriates.Requirements For Investment In Real Estate In Pakistan.

If you are a permanent resident of another country, and you wish to purchase property in Pakistan, you will be required to send the following document to the Department of Home Affairs: An employment letter from the organization with which they currently work. Must discuss things afterward;

  • The essence of their jobs
  • Their period of employment
  • Business contact information.
  • A copy of the passport. Copy of a valid visa with six recent photos, passport size
  • They are also expected to show a copy of the CNIC of the landlord/realtor
  • Additionally, the owner of the property in question must also show authorized copies of the proof of ownership
  • Last but not least, the statute demands that a contract be drawn up in the name of the property’s owner. In case a new occupant occupies the house, he is legally required to obtain a new contract or there will be strict legal proceedings against the landowner

In case you fail to provide the documentation, you may be charged and/or prosecuted.



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